Creative Collapsible Wine Bottle Holders

Creative Collapsible Wine Bottle Holders

26/04/2021 Off By Elin Schlaeger

Pull it out when using the wine rack, which is convenient and quick, making the storage and placement of wine more interesting. Fold up when not in use to save more space.

Pure and natural, every wine stand is fire-roasted and very unique, the wood texture, the appearance is retro and elegant. The wine holder is made of logs, with the original fragrance of wood. Use diamond structure design with good slip resistance.

Natural wood is eco-friendly and more sturdy. This wine display rack stores bottles more securely. The multiple joints of the wine shelf are connected by high-quality screws, which have good load-bearing performance and are more assured when used.

Similar to a wine cellar storage, storing wine bottle horizontally can keep corks moist to make wine last longer. Wine holder is designed to hold wine bottles just like wine cellar storage. Want to store more wine bottles? Just place few of these elegant wine rack together and you have your mini wine cellar.

Your house guests will surely be impressed by the natural and eco friendly centerpiece. It is also a good choice for you to give it as a gift to your friends.

When fully opened it measures approximately but it stores bottles of wine in very little space which makes it very convenient than other wooden or bamboo wine holder in the market. And no hassel for assembly, just open from a pack unfold it fully, place it on counter top, kitchen cabinet, your wine cellar or your bar.

Easy and compact wine display rack you will ever have. In use it fits in countertop, bar, kitchen cabinet, table top and matches any decore giving the elegant look to the room. While not in use, it folds easily and can be stored anywhere without occupying much space.



Creative Collapsible Wine Bottle Holders