Find How to Attract Money Towards You - Instant Tarot Readings

Find How to Attract Money Towards You – Instant Tarot Readings

16/02/2022 Off By William Blake

Easy-tarot provides twenty-eight different work, career and money tarot readings. Find out how to resolve problems at work, how to attract money towards you, how to manifest your dreams or make your business a success, how to get the job you want, how to get out of debt, and much more! More spreads are available than anywhere else on the internet.

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for all your work, career and financial questions now.

Tarot and the material world

Many people seek help for money or career issues through the tarot. Whilst money may not seem as important when compared to our health or relationships, it can cause a lot of stress when we don’t have enough of it, and it can restrict our freedom and the choices we are able to make for ourselves and those we love. Although we may feel there is a scarcity of resources, the truth is that the world is an abundant place and there is much wealth for us to tap into. Tarot can help free our attitudes, prejudices and stuck mindsets which may be preventing this abundance from coming towards us and giving us the security and freedom we crave.

When asking for help with money or work issues in a reading, look for appearances of the suit of Coins. These cards represent your or another’s material life and their appearance can give crucial guidance as to where you need to put your attention at this time. The Ace or Page of Coins for instance may indicate new projects, inheritances, jobs or opportunities whilst the Four or Ten of Coins may refer to a level of stability or achievement in a material sense. The Six, Queen or King of Coins suggest a much greater place of security from which you can be more generous and giving; and the Two, Three, Seven and Eight of Coins provide useful and practical advice to help move you towards a more stable and prosperous future.

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