How to Experience God? | God's Presence

How to Experience God? | God’s Presence

14/02/2022 Off By William Blake

Receive and “abide” in the presence of God by understanding with your mind, AND by teaching your heart to think differently about earthly things and about your being able to freely receive the presence of God by believing He is drawing near, because of His grace!

This site shows HOW TO repent by training your heart to joyfully trade earthly dependencies for receiving God’s presence intensely by His grace. The principles you find here are effective for the idolatry of the heart and unwanted behaviours! It is intended as a practical way for you to experience the deeper Christian life.

Repentance is more than just what you do after you do something wrong. Repentance is a biblical practice-an activity that describes something you can do for great personal growth and change.

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