How to Use Tarot Cards to Get Insight Into the Future of Your Love Life

How to Use Tarot Cards to Get Insight Into the Future of Your Love Life

16/02/2022 Off By William Blake

t’s all too easy to dismiss good advice when you’re in love. That’s why personal love tarot card readings should be approached with caution. When I started learning how to use tarot cards, I was absolutely heartbroken. Traumatized from a failed relationship, I used the tools irresponsibly. If I didn’t get an outcome that I liked, I tried a different spread. If I felt the cards I pulled didn’t give me enough information, I would pull more and more, looking fearfully into the future. Adding or pulling different readings just confused the message: My previous relationship was plagued by obsession and addiction, and I needed to move on. But that wasn’t the truth I was ready to know at the time.

Since I have grown and matured in my practice, I have learned that treating tarot dismissively is disrespectful to the universe or spirit realm that is communicating to you through the cards. You might not agree with the obstacles the world throws in your path, but the universe always has your back. If you are able to approach the deck with an attitude of reverence and an understanding that you might not like what you see, then it is possible to get good insight from a love reading you pull for yourself.

If you do not have the tools you need to see clearly now, here is how you can begin to assemble them.

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