Acrylic Pictures By Numbers


It can improve confidence and perseverance, develop patience and create exquisite artwork with your hands. Hand-painted by numbers is a good gift for parents, friends and lovers. This is a good choice as a Christmas gift, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthday or other important days.

20 x 30 cm30 x 40 cm40 x 50 cm45 x 60 cm50 x 70 cm60 x 80 cm60 x 90 cm80 x 100 cm


Pr-printed textured canvas. This painting is great for decorating houses, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, weddings, parties. Pr-printed textured canvas is environmentally friendly, with a clear pattern and simple colour. High-quality acrylic paint has a suitable colour matching, you do not need to mix pigments, making painting easier and more convenient. Regardless of the level of the painting is not good or bad, you just need to paint the relevant rooms on canvas in accordance with the instructions to create a beautiful picture, do not need any basic painting skills, just for work, very simple to use suitable for each. The picture by numbers can provide you with a way to relax your body and mind so that you can regulate your emotions and reduce stress during the painting process.


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