Aroma Diffuser For Air


Place the reed sticks in the diffuse bottle, wet the whole stick, the essential oil scent will escape through these porous diffuse sticks.

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The reed diffuse sticks are made of high-quality rattan, which is porous and lightweight, processed to resist mildew and dry, so they will not grow moldy. Ideal replacement for diffuse tongues, your essential oil scent or liquid fragrances that help create natural and relaxing fragrances. Inside each oil stick, there are “channels” for better absorption and distribution of the oil. Replacement rods for oil tongues, which is the ideal and standard size for diffuse applications. This set of reed diffuses can help release fragrance into the air, you can make your favorite fragrance with these diffuses to freshen the air in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, wedding.


  • Material: Fiber stick, wood


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