Automatic Dispenser With Intelligent Sensor


With its sleek, water-proof body, the product also is slip-proof that will stay on your countertops because of its rubber base. You can place it anywhere in your house, whether be it the bathroom sink or your kitchen.



This liquid soap dispenser is completely touch-less which ensures that your hand-washing experience is super easy and simple. It prevents the risk of cross infections due to its touch-less formula. You can fill it up with dish soap and use it in the kitchen as well. Battery-operated, hands-free and easy to use automatic liquid soap dispenser is an easy bargain that powers up with 4AAA batteries. It can also be used to dispense sanitizer, shampoo, moisturizer, foaming soaps & hand wash, etc. This automatic soap dispenser comes with built-in infra-red motion sensors that make sure that it dispenses soap only when your hands are at a distinguishable level, distance and therefore, is super precise with minimal wastage.


  • Material: ABS electroplated


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