Chinese Calligraphy Brush


Individually hand-processed and double burns, so there are no free bristles or tips with this accurate art brush. Whether for paint by numbers for adults or miniatures, these brushes artists will make the necessary thin lines.

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Miniature brushes for small tips allow you to make excellent details of the painting precisely for coverage of dense, small spots and tiny points, such as wildlife, botanical, portrait, doll, illustration, car model, ships and aircraft or microcredit figures. Ergonomic triangular handles to paint comfortably longer – well balanced, steady control with accuracy point for painting detail. Enjoy a smaller hand for longer stretching compared to conventional pulling handles. There are no longer big hands that will be your durable professional brush set in your artificial set. Premium quality hair for hair, to work in all environments. This synthetic set of paintbrushes is suitable for watercolor, acrylic, enamel, butter, citadel or gouache paints.


  • Style: Сalligraphy brushes pen


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