Christian Catholic Crafts And The Gift Of The Golden Ark Of The Covenant


An exclusive brand, this detailed box makes a great conversation piece or a great gift for anyone interested in the history of religion and makes a wonderful gift.

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The 10 Commandments are said to be kept in a box like this, along with the rod of Aaron, a staff endowed with miraculous power, and a pot of manna, an edible substance that God gave to the Israelite after the Exodus. Moses – In the Bible and Torah, God gives Moses detailed instructions on how to build the Arch, including that it should be gilded with gold and covered with two golden cherubs, and then the Arch should be covered with a veil. High-quality decor – a statue of the Ark of the Covenant, hand-cast from real rubble, glued with durable designer resin, then covered with artificial gilding. This part also has a removable cover for viewing the tablet, rod and manna inside.


  • Material: Metal


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