Citrus Fruit Spoon


The surface of the spoon is smooth and shiny, which is simple and beautiful. It can be used not only to remove pieces of grapefruit, citrus, kiwi, lemon, etc., It can also be used to make baby puree from apples, strawberries and avocados, but it can also be used to scoop up seeds from bell peppers, zucchini, etc. pumpkin or eat dessert ice cream, etc.

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These spoons are good for a family who might want to eat grapefruit during a picnic or other group event. This is handy because it gives you the tools to cut and scoop grapefruit at the same time. The grapefruit spoon is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is durable, corrosion and rust-resistant, will not break or bend. The curved stainless steel grapefruit knife blades minimize the appearance of grapefruit juice stains. Designed specifically for slicing grapefruit without splashing juice. The serrated portion allows the spoon to quickly dip into the grapefruit, cut off the stem and remove the portion in just one scoop. And this grapefruit spoon is highly polished.


  • Material: Safety stainless steel
  • Size: 17 cm long, spoon head width 3 cm
  • Colour: Silver


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