Cosmetic Plastic Mirror


An expensive mirror is a good companion for your wardrobe and wonderful home decoration. The unique creative mirror adds brightness to the dressing table, and personalized photography makes the mirror unique.

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It is both a cosmetic mirror and a photo frame. When the light is off, it is a mirror, and when the light is on, it is a photo frame. When the light is turned on at night, it can also be used as a bedside lamp. You only need to upload a photo. The back of the mirror is removable, a photo can be taken. Get a clearer picture of your face with focused light that compensates for dim indoor lighting. Flip a clear image of your face or get a very close-up view to get a better view of your eyes, chin or nose for makeup, shaving, or deep cleansing. Your exclusive picnic mat will also be your first choice as a creative and fun gift. As proof of love for a partner, gifts to children, boyfriend, husband, family, New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings and engagements, employees or other special days. There is a USB cable with an adapter for plugging into an outlet. After connecting, the mirror will immediately turn into a photo frame, it can be used as a lamp at night.


  • Material: Plastic, LED lights, electronic components
  • Colour: White


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