Creative Kitchen Ceramic Egg Separator


Designed for easy opening of eggs, perfect for preparing cakes and delicious snacks without any mess or bits of shell in your food. Easily make delicious and nutritious egg white omelettes.

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Say goodbye to the messy kitchen due to drippy egg yolk and white. Quickly separate the egg white and yolk effectively with our egg yolk white separator, easily separate the yolk from the egg white, perfect for those who want the ease of cooking in the kitchen. Egg yolk separator and egg white separator. So cute and practical, it is sure to be a great gift for friends and family. Made of ceramic, non-toxic, safe and healthy, the glaze is smooth, hard and durable. Simply pour the egg liquid into the separator and tilt the separator, the egg white will flow out of the mouth and the yolk will remain inside the separator. Can hold 3 to 4 eggs.


  • Name: egg dividers
  • Colour: white
  • Material: ceramic


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