Dancing Flame Led Candle


Take advantage of all the advantages of traditional candles and none of their disadvantages. No hot wax, no smoke, and no worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candle. Please note: Since the candle shell is made of real wax, keep it away from high-temperature environments.

8 x 10 cm8 x 12 cm8 x 15 cm


Real wax material and shimmery effect make the blameless pillars so lifelike. The set includes 4 LED candles on a pole, 1 remote control. Designed with flickering bulbs, these LED blameless candles have more natural light, no ugly spotlight effect and no annoying sounds. The 10-key remote control allows you to adjust brightness and flicker. 4 modes for setting the timer to save battery power. The colour will turn off automatically at 22:00. And then it automatically turns on at 20:00 the next day, automatically turns off at 22:00, cycling every 24 hours. Each pole candle requires 2 AA batteries, the expected battery life of an AA battery is 400+ hours. The batteries can be easily installed and replaced through the tab at the bottom.


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