Disposable Plastic Celebration Kits


High-quality plastic tableware is ideal for upgrading banquets, fiestas, engagements, birthdays, parties, barbecues, baby showers, high-end food, home meals, and more. Plastic plates and rose gold disposable cutlery give the impression of being more expensive. Incredibly, they are affordable and durable.



Use 100% food-grade plastic and make sure it is completely harmless. Ideal for everyday use and helps ensure a healthy lifestyle. It will surely surprise your guests with its elegant and stylish design. Highly recommended. The rose gold pattern on the bezel and chic modern design make them the perfect product to complement any colour scheme or festive decor. Compared to paper plates, plastic plates are not easily out of shape. The elegant disposable plastic plates add a touch of sophistication to a wide variety of events.


  • 1 Set Includes: 10 mini forks,10 large knives, 10 large spoons, 10 large forks, 10 (7.5 in) plates, 10 (0.25 in) plates.


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