Diy Bread Making Tools


It has never been easier to store a dough hook. It is a keeper’s gem as it is easy to clean thanks to the rust-free dough hook design. Wash your hands with water after every use for a great baking experience for years to come.

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The head is made of SS304 stainless steel. It is a great helper for making cakes, cookies, oatmeal and other cereals, pizza, pasta dough and many types of bread baking. An artistic masterpiece that makes kneading easier thanks to the double-eye whisk for better mixing reaching every corner of the bowl compared to other flat and rounded whisks that do not stir the corners. A Dutch dough whisk designed especially for your baked goods. The metal head with 2 eyes is perfectly molded so that the dough does not clump or clog at the joints. Solid smooth wooden handle, comfortable to use, providing a secure grip.


  • Size: 333 x 80 mm
  • Material: Wood handle, stainless steel
  • Weight: 115 g


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