Facial Cleansing Brush


The face scrubber with 3 brush heads to meet your various cleaning needs. The waterproof face scrub brush can be used in the shower and running water.

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The vibrating sonic facial cleansing brush is more gentle than a spin brush to remove the makeup dirt and swept away the dead skin enables skin cells to regenerate quickly. Leaving skin crystal clear, insanely smooth to the touch, and more receptive to skincare products. 11 times better than fingertips alone. Breaux faces brush with more than 30,000 bristles, each with only 0.06 mm bristles, 3 times smaller than pores. Go deep down into the pores and remove dirt without damaging the corneal layer, unlike spin brushes. Visibly minimized pores in months use and a fresh, healthy glow. The face wash brush has a variety of intensity settings (low, medium, high). Unique modes can increase or decrease vibrating power temporarily without toggling speed settings. It’s actually 9-speed modes to suit for general, mixed, acne, and sensitive skin. Smart timer feature will alert you to clean another zone every 20 seconds before automatically shutting down after 1 minute to avoid over-cleansing.



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