Flat Paint Brushes 100 Pcs


After using watercolour brushes, it is very convenient to clean with warm soapy water and change the brush tips. Soft and thick nylon hair will be perceived back after each stroking and cleaning. Airbrushes and store them in a container for carrying in the upper position for a long time of use.

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These professional paintbrushes work in all environments, including acrylic, watercolour, enamel, oil, person-vinyl and gouache paint. A variety of dimensions and shapes allow you to deliver smooth blows thick to detail, ideal for watercolour, oil, gouache, acrylic painting, body, nails, painting face, miniature, model, ceramics, painting of art, paint in numbers. The bristles are soft enough for children’s delicate skin. These acrylic brushes, developed with durable anti-rigid bristles, anti-rust nickels, and durable wooden handles. Individually hand-treated and double compressed with excellent manufacturer quality, without swing tips, paints or bristles. You can use your brushes to focus on your painting and always filled with creative ideas.


  • Hair Material: Nylon


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