Folding Washbasin For Camping


This is a perfect gift for your family, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, allows them to do foot soaking at anywhere, you will love the versatility of these foot tub.

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The collapsible foot bath basin is not only for foot spa bathtub for both adults and kids, but also can be used to wash clothes, face, vegetables and fruits in the trip, self-driving picnic, camping, or as a fish bucket. Made with high-quality PAVE material. The outer layer is made of reinforced polyester fabric with anti-tear and wear-resistant design. It’s convenient, leak-free, space-saving and extremely durable and reusable. The collapsible bucket can be filled with hot or cold water. Relax by having foot SPA into warm water after the tiring day, the portable foot basin allows you to have foot soaking at anywhere, such as travel, outdoor, hiking, etc.


  • Material: Nylon, waterproof fabric
  • Features: Fordable, portable and lightweight


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