Food Spill Tool


The handle is ergonomically designed for easy, comfortable handling and a secure grip. The handle has a convenient opening for easy storage in the kitchen.

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This robust nylon bucket is easy to clean and designed for long life. It is temperature resistant and can withstand heavy use for many years. Will not scratch non-stick cookware. This scoop is ideal for cooking and serving vegetables, soup, stews and more. The unique head design allows the ladle to scratch the sides and bottom of any pot. Scoop out any leftover soup or stew. Also serves as a spout for easy serving of sauces. Will be one of your most reliable kitchen utensils. Excellent design and construction. A large scoop head means you can spread large portions out of each spoon for the whole family.


  • Material: Wheat straw, food grade plastic
  • Size: about 23.5 x 7 cm
  • Colour: Blue, Bbeige, Pink, Green


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