Food Steam Machine


The steamer can be used on electric stoves, gas stoves and induction cookers, the steamer is applicable to various heat sources as a convenient household stove. The steamer has an even higher pan, brush and scraper, the raised pan prevents overfilling.

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The steamer is made of high-quality brand stainless steel. Tray and screw gasket is made of stainless steel. Food grade materials are safer and healthier, thicker and more durable. The smooth surface of the steamer cleans up stains more easily. After use, wipe off the water with a cloth and place the rice noodle machine in a dry and ventilated place to avoid corrosion. In addition to the steamed noodle roll, other ingredients such as dumplings, noodles, steamed buns, taro, pumpkin, etc. can be cooked. The steamed noodle roll provides better sealing and food can be heated evenly on a flat pan. The handle is selected for the rice noodle roll steamer, it is effortless and heat-resistant, convenient and practical. The lid of the steamer is removable for easy cleaning and adding water. Double-layer design allows you to cook different ingredients at the same time, increasing cooking efficiency.


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