Hand Mixer Meat Chopper


Simply place the ingredients in the container, screw and close the lid, and then turn the handle. Manual control allows you to achieve the desired stability. It is easy to clean, just rinse with water after use and dry.

500 ml900 ml
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Not only a chopper but also an egg separator, cube, meat grinder, mixer, blender and so on. Ideal for chopping vegetables, nuts, herbs, hummus tomatoes, guacamole salsa and more. This manual food chopper contains 5 sharp blades, cutting all kinds of ingredients. The mixing paddles mix eggs, panda, etc., the egg separator can completely separate the egg white and egg yellow colour, even the smallest ingredients can be chopped. No noisy engine, no need for electricity, really manual control. Portable and great for kitchens, RVs, camping and travel. Slice a variety of foods in seconds by pulling on the cord that spins the extra-sharp, removable stainless steel blades.


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