Inflatable Body Support Pillow


Smooth tilt and horizontal indentation help prevent sliding down when you lean against the pillow. The floor surface provides a pleasant touch and can be easily cleaned by wiping the wedge with a damp cloth.

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Advanced dual layer air valve for easy inflation and deflation. Inflation is carried out only through the top air valve, and deflation by simply releasing the bottom layer valve – no need to worry about air loss when inflating the pillow and not frustrated by difficult deflation. Easy inflation by mouth or pump. Versatile design to support and relieve stress on your back, shoulders and legs while lying or sitting. You can use this bed wedge as a pillow while lying in bed to reduce acid reflex symptoms as the wedge helps keep your head higher than your belly. You can also use it to raise your legs to improve circulation and reduce swelling in your lower body. Or, you can place it on your back when you are sitting to help maintain correct posture.


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