Jars For Herbs And Spices


The condiment container set can be used to store various condiments such as sugar, salt, spices, pepper, condiments, bee honey, olive oil, other liquid sauce, chicken broth powder, cornstarch and more to meet your needs.



Each bottle is made of high-quality lead-free glass and has a thicker bottom. Strong and transparent for easy seasoning recognition. The brushed stainless steel part can prevent fingerprints and improve breakage resistance. This set of spice jars is indispensable in any kitchen. Each spice jar has a dust-proof lid, keeps the interior clean, so don’t worry about bacteria or dust mixed with your seasoning, they are hygienic and durable. The rotating rack is made of stainless steel and the chassis is made of ABS plastic, which makes the spice rack more durable. 8 glass jars on a holder that rotates 360 °, lids in 3 different shapes, suitable for seasoning in solid, liquid or powder form, all in one step. Easy to use, take your time to cook. Rotate the bracket to easily find the seasoning you want, saving time and effort.


  • Size: 190 x 190 mm


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