Jewish Menorah Candlesticks


Be sure to follow the spark plug safety instructions. By purchasing this Menorah, you will receive the Millimeter mini-book.



It is also known as the golden candelabrum, which was lit in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The traditionally shaped menorah is made of aluminum with a brass finish. The elegant simplicity of the design accentuates its traditional shape. The 7 branches Menorah is described in the Bible as standing first in the tabernacle and then in the temple. Seven lamps hint at branches of human knowledge. The significance of lighting the Menorah was a reminder that the Divine Presence dwells among the people of Israel. The Jewish menorah also symbolizes creation in seven days, with the central light representing the Sabbath. Crafted locally with the finest materials, these 7 Menorah branches are one of the symbols of the modern State of Israel and make the perfect gift.


  • Colour: Gold, Orange
  • Material: Alloy metal
  • Easy to assemble and perfect for the anywhere occasion


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