Long Sushi Plate


However, it is recommended that you wash your valuable dishes by hand, as washing in the dishwasher can crack and break them. If the dishes are stacked, we recommend placing a thin cloth or paper between the dishes.

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By using the appropriate utensils for the type of food, you can enhance the flavor or make cutting and separating food easier. Porcelain is obtained by firing a mixture of clay powder obtained by crushing stones and firing at a temperature of more than 1300 degrees. Most porcelain is thin and light, so when tapped, a light, clear metallic sound is emitted, allowing light to pass through. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it difficult to heat up, but has the ability to barely cool. It has a sharp and beautiful design and most of the tableware for general household use is porcelain. Minos dishes are traditional Japanese ceramics, and approximately 60% of the dishes used in Japan are mono. For example, there are outdoor garden supplies like flower pots and water tanks, interior materials like wall and floor tiles, and sinks. Due to its quality, beautiful design and high functionality, the cookware is popular not only in Japan but also abroad. Details and colours of pictures may differ from actual products because the position of the cookware in relation to the fire and the way it is coated with glaze can create irregularities in patterns and shapes.


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