Magnetic Ball For Curtains


The back of the curtains is very easy to use to decorate curtains. When not in use, you can secure the curtain.

Beige (1 Pcs)Beige (2 Pcs)Blue (1 Pcs)Blue (2 Pcs)Gray (1 Pcs)Gray (2 Pcs)Pink (1 Pcs)Pink (2 Pcs)
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Suitable for all medium to thick curtains, gauze curtains, shower curtains, or thin sheer curtains. These magnetic curtain ties with good magnets, stable curtain ties are perfect for protecting and decorating your drapes. Easy to use and storage, when not in use, you can fasten the curtain, so it is easy to find and prevent the loss, don’t worry about the hook hurting people, you can perfectly replace the wall hook. This simple yet multi-functional window shade accessory has an attractive modern look that is suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, French door, office, restaurant, hotel, department or studio. No need to use hooks or perforations, very easy to use without damaging the walls.


  • Colour: Gray, Beige, Pink, Blue
  • Material: Braided rope, imitation pearl
  • Total Length : 47 cm
  • Diameter of the Ball: 3 cm


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