Money Saving Boxes


The only money puzzle boxes that develop motor skills, concentration, perception and, above all, patience. Increases spatial awareness and deeper understanding of logic. Tricky puzzles with boxes for adults and children. A great puzzle box for all ages.

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With the gift maze, there will be no more boring gift wrapping. Here’s a unique dice bank for kids, boys, girls, teenagers and even professionals. Gift boxes available to the giver are great money as a gift. Place the ball in the slider or this little latch on top. Once the ball is located, slide the slider across to open the bank of the money maze. Open the round lid of the money bank. Insert the award and close the lid. This non-toxic money holder is a new way to show care without messing with the order, acts as a gift box of the money machine. A puzzle to invest in.


  • Material: PVC


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