Multifunctional Folding Steamer


The polished surface prevents food from sticking to the steamer and makes cleaning easier. When you are ready to put them away, they simply fold in half to their original size.

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Steam cooking is a healthy cooking method as it helps retain over 90 % of the nutrients lost when boiling or microwave cooking. The collapsible steamer basket can be used to steam vegetables, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts and more. Can be used as a steamer basket, but can also be used as a strainer or fruit container. You can also use it to filter out excess water when preparing salad. Can be used not only as a steamer basket but also as a cooling rack or food container. Simply place the basket, feet down, in the pot of your choice, matching the steamer of your choice. These baskets open and hang outward during use to store all your vegetables.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Size: Height 6.5 x diameter 22.5 cm


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