New Hidden Hair Safes


Stylish in appearance and compact in size, the hidden hairbrush compartment is an indispensable item when traveling, as well as a choice of gift for family or friends. Suitable for both men and women, as well as people of any age. You will love using this handy tool wherever you go.

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The safe hairbrush stash can store small jewellery, money, cash, mini key, pills and other small items. With high security, secret unscrews of false tops can make the stash more secure. A container for the hairbrush and can have enough space to store up to 12 – 15 rolled banknotes. Adequate capacity to meet your needs for keeping money, jewellery, or prescription pills in plain sight. The hairbrush is designed to blend in with other daily necessities and separate precious items from possible stolen items. It can safely store commonplaces, including bathroom drawers, cabinets and handbags. A thief will never want to find jewellery in a comb. The diversionary hair brushes can not only fix and organize your hair but also create beautiful hairstyles for you, making you more elegant and charming. Made from durable yet delicate bristles, it de tangles curls effectively. Suitable for wavy or straight hair.


  • Total Length: 22.8 cm
  • Mouth Diameter: 3.1 cm
  • Internal Depth: 10 cm


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