New Silicone Flexible Soap Dish Holder


This soap dish is made of soft and flexible silicone, it fits on a variety of basins and any drips roll into the basin, perfect for your shower shelf, vanity or countertop, the texture makes it not slip, won’t break or smash everywhere. The silicone soap dish works great in the shower, bathtub, countertop. It can hold soaps, keys, glasses, dish washing sponge etc. Perfect match your bathroom and kitchen.

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This handy and pliable silicone soap dish self drains, the soap will stay dry and fresh because water drains easily from the tray. It is also large enough for any of the bar soaps that use. The silicone soap dish will not stick too tightly with your soap and soap does not slide off. It can keep the soap dry and the mushy can be rinsed clean easily. The soap holder is easy to position and does not slip around, even when wet. This silicone soap case is designed to perch on the edge of your sink, letting excess water drain away and air flow freely around your bar of soap, extending its longevity.


  • Material: Silicone


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