Pictures Of Girls By Numbers


Nude artwork for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, dining room, bathroom, bar. Perfect Christmas and New Year, Wedding, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine, Birthday Gifts for Your Family and Friends.

40 x 50 cm (Frame)40 x 50 cm (no Frame)40 x 50 cm (ready frame)50 x 65 cm (Frame)50 x 65 cm (no Frame)60 x 75 cm (Frame)60 x 75 cm (no Frame)70 x 85 cm (no Frame)80 x 100 cm (no Frame)


However, use paints directly, you can add small water if necessary. Most districts are usually covered by the first paint layer. Some brighter colours require several layers to cover numbers and lines. If you fill in the wrong colour, wait for the paint to dry, and then cover the wrong colour with the correct paint on the surface. You can use a large paintbrush for large areas and use a smaller brush to paint very detailed areas. Wash the brush purely every time you finish drawing one colour.


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