Plastic Fold Washbasin


The plastic basin is also versatile for face washing, wash baby wipes, soak delicate items like makeup sponges, and more. The uses are endless.

Blue (11 x 27 cm)Blue (39 x 17 cm)Gray (11 x 27 cm)Gray (39 x 17cm)Pink (11 x 27 cm)Pink (39 x 17cm)


This dish tub, wash basin is perfect for washing, soaking, and rinsing dishes and serves purposely for cleaning floors, hand wash delicate clothes, weeding your kitchen garden, and more. Made of thick plastic, washing tubs are durable, well-made, and sturdy to withstand daily wear n tear. It holds heavy items without being flimsy or wobbly and its molded-in grip areas provide easy portability. This sink washtub used as a drink carrier for picnic and tailgate party, as a laundry basket for soaking items, for camping, and for cleaning supply storage.


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