Plastic Ice Cream Bags


You and your children are safe. These disposable ice cream bags can be zippered for your added convenience. Forget about spills, messy freezers and sticky backpacks. Enjoy the healthiest homemade ice cream snacks wherever you go.

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Worried about your child eating poorly? If so, then our 125 disposable ice cream bags are here for you. Prepare the tastiest and healthiest snacks for your little ones today. Experiment with ingredients, flavors, and colours. You and your kids will love them. Whether you’re on the go or on the go, these freezer bags are a time and energy saver. Slice the fruit, make a smoothie, add any ingredients, fill the bags and store. Store in the freezer and snack on site. Stop wasting your precious time and spend more time with your loved ones. These disposable bags are 100% BPA and Naphthalene free. They are non-toxic and meet USDA certified food and freezer safety requirements. No more worrying about cheaply made and unsafe ice cream bags.


  • Material: Plastic


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