Roller Hem Sewing Machine


This wide-hemmed foot is suitable for most household low-top sewing machines.



The shape of the rollers in these hem legs make it very easy to fold the hem and they grip the fabric very well so it won’t be difficult to keep it aligned when we fold some thicker fabrics or some more normal hem, instead of a narrow sole, there is a half-inch wide foot. If you want to hem a cotton skirt, you can choose a half-inch bottom foot. If you want to make sure your sewing machine has a low shank system, just look for the thumbscrew that holds the foot on the machine, and measure the distance from the center of the screw to the sewing board, the bottom bar has 1/2 with this set of the foot for the wide hem, and the sewing will be just fine.


  • Material: Steel
  • A: 6/8 in rolled hem foot (19 mm curling)
  • B: 8/8 in rolled hem foot (25.4 mm curling)


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