Scandinavian Little Piggy Banks With Pineapple


Give your child the opportunity to learn about the importance of saving money and the joy of creating their own collection. Piggy banks are a great addition to any nursery or nursery decor that will last for years and grow with your child as they learn to save their money.

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Made of high-quality ceramic and glazed for a smooth finish. This pineapple party decor is made from durable porcelain stoneware, with a 1.5 ” coin slot on the back and a removable rubber stopper at the bottom. A piggy bank can store pocket money for you and your family. This is both a piggy bank and the best decoration for a family. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study, cafe, etc. When used as a decoration, no one will notice that it is still a piggy bank. This is a very interesting thing indeed. Featuring rugged durability, this bank is more than just an accessory, but a hands-on activity as your child can safely touch, hold, play and fill their favorite coins.


  • Material: Ceramic


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