Seasoning Jar Set


The natural look of the natural bamboo lids and tray perfectly matches the colour of the canisters. This combination will suit any decor.

1 Pcs3 Pcs


A set of 3 glass jerricans will fit your needs without creating a mess in your favorite kitchen! The clever design adds a wooden spoon to each storage container and removable wooden lids to keep out moisture and dust. Along with a well-made wooden stand for storing spice jars. A great little handmade storage jar, suitable for daily use or special occasions. The perfect way to keep your favorite salt, sugar cubes, cream and deviate dry. Sitting on a countertop looks pretty stylish, neat and modern. Adds a touch of clean, elegant style to your modern home. The glamorous transparent glass will decorate any interior. It is the perfect housewarming gift, Valentine’s Day for yourself or your beloved wife, family, friends, colleagues, classmate.


  • Colour: Wood colour
  • Material: Bamboo, glass
  • Size: 19.5 x 8 x 7.5 cm


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