Set Of Multicolor Kitchen Ceramic Knives


New precision edge technology complements the kitchen knife set with the sharpness of the knife block and long-lasting retention of sharp edges. The kitchen knife block is a compact cylinder that can be used in the kitchen.



The kitchen knife set will not be scratched or dropped, as the surface of the kitchen knife set and the knife block is made of blue titanium coating, which is corrosion and scratch-resistant. A set of kitchen knives with a block will keep a beautiful look. In addition, the stainless steel kitchen knife set with knife set is resistant to rust and stains. The kitchen knife set using a special process, which can guarantee the high quality of the block kitchen knife set. A set of kitchen knives with a block is more flexible and durable. The kitchen knife set with knife block is so thin that the kitchen knife set is sharp enough to cut through solid food easily.


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