Set Silicone Kitchen Utensils


The silicone head and sturdy acacia wood handles are durable. Unlike metal or plastic, they do not bend, melt, or rust over time.

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Enjoy mixing, flipping and serving with this complete set of cooking utensils. The set includes a spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, turner, spaghetti set, spatula. This non-scratch silicone cookware will not scratch, chip or damage your non-stick and metal pots and pans. They are the perfect tool for extending the life of your cookware. Stylish, silicone heads and natural acacia handles will greatly enhance your kitchen interior. Since it is made from natural wood, each handle has its own unique pattern and design. This set will be a great gift for chefs, home chefs or professionals.


  • Colour: Gray
  • Material: Wooden


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