Sewing Magnetic Box


The sleek black design complements any style and personality. Comfortable and small pads for sewing needles, make it easy to wear. A quality tool for any sewing kit. Magnetic pin pads for sewing, functional and professional. A great gift for women quilters or men quilters.



These magnetic sewing pin holders are an indispensable sewing accessory for all sewer nets and sewing kits. The magnetic bezel is stylish and modern, keeping the pins in place comfortably while sewing, leaving your hands free. Magnetic pin cushion for all sewers and quilters. If you are constantly pinning yourself up with pins, you will need this pincushion. The powerful magnet is ideal for holding pins and needles, embroidery needles, quilting needles and even hairpins and hairpins for hairdressers and hairdressers. He holds nails for handicraft lovers and hobbyists. A great tool for all craftsmen easily holds all small steel accessories and items. The genius of sewing wrist pin pads. Now you can safely take several pins at once. The magnetic metal surface sewing pin pad makes it easy to pick up dropped pins from the floor or fabric, allowing you to work easily and efficiently. A wonderful gift. A unique, thoughtful and convenient gift for all seamstresses, tailors, quilters, tailors and craftsmen – the perfect addition to their quilting accessories. It is an indispensable sewing gadget.



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