Smart Bathroom Scale


Can store all information of 24 users. It recognizes instantly when a user steps onto it. Add your family members’ profile and get the data displayed on the app at a glance.

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Health indicators provide accurate data for weight, BMI, Body fat rate, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle rate, Muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, body age. Download “Fridays” from APP Store or Google Play. Smartphones get automatic binding and record all the changes automatically. Check the data in Fridays APP anytime and anywhere you want. Clear changing curve helps you keep up with your improving easily. 4 high precision G-sensors make Bveiugn have higher precision and sensitivities. Bluetooth 4.2 has a low-power chip. Integrated body, simple design, and rounded edge give you pleasant and safe experiences. Give you intelligent detection to the extra-cellular fluid by using dual-frequency bio-electrical impedance. Weighing range is from o.4 to 400 pounds. Even a cup of water can be detected. Come to get the changing of your body from a cup of water.


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