Spa Bath Pillow


The bathroom mat has a hook, drain the water inside before hanging up. Which can be hung in a ventilated place for quick drying.

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The fabric used in bathroom pillows has good breathability and skin-friendliness, which is very suitable for anyone, including people with sensitive skin. The core wire is made of high-strength elastic polyester fibre, with strong formability and flexibility. Help you relieve muscle aches and headaches, reduce stress, etc. Cups are firmly fixed on the surface of the bathtub and provide support for the head, neck, shoulders and back during bathing. Not slippery. There is a small trail next to the suction cup, please use your fingers to gently remove it. The bathtub pillow is easy to clean, This bath neck pillow can be washed by hands, and can be machine washed with a neutral detergent.


  • Type: Bathtub pillow
  • Material: PVC, Sponge
  • Item Colour: White


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