Stainless Steel Fried Egg Mold


Can the egg ring only be used for eggs? Oh no, not only can you make an egg from molds, but you can also make pancakes, hamburgers, potato pancakes, omelettes and other things you can think of.

1114 Pcs5 Pcs


1. Spread oil on a flat pan.
2. Dab some oil on the inner wall of the egg pan, then heat it in a flat skillet to about 220 F, which is a key step to prevent sticking.
3. Break the egg into an egg pan.
4. This will keep the egg in good shape and will not run out.
5. Fry eggs over low heat for 3 – 5 minutes. You will have the perfect egg.

Safe stainless steel egg rings, high-quality BPA free material, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. Suitable for 4 different shapes, it can be used to perfectly cook different shaped scrambled eggs or poached egg, the non-stick pod with its own handles is easy to care for.


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