Stainless Steel Knife


The integrated design between handle and blade ensures perfect balance so you can man oeuvre with ease. The grip has the best anti-slip properties to ensure safety while providing a comfortable grip that can effectively relieve wrist fatigue.

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The chef’s knife is designed with all customer needs in mind. It is smaller than a conventional chef’s knife, which means it can be more flexible and convenient for handling dishes. Even a novice chef can maintain steady control in a busy kitchen. Made of special forged German stainless steel with precision vacuum heat treatment, cryogenic nitrogen tempering, which provides high corrosion resistance and edge stability. It retains the flavor of the ingredients well, allowing you to taste the original food. Super sharp edge each edge of the blade is hand polished many times to achieve high hardness and sharpness. The straight edge provides amazing cutting performance, not only allows you to cut meat and vegetables into pieces or slices but can also be used to cut bread and fruits. 


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