Toothbrush Holder


Natural diatomaceous earth is environmental friendly, biodegradable and healthy. Even if you broke it accidentally, you can recycle the broken pieces as refrigerator smell absorber, cabinet desiccator and air purifier by putting them into a cloth bag.



Diatom storage cup is made from natural diatomaceous earth, with millions small holes to absorb water quickly and get dry in seconds, no more stagnant water or mildew growing at the bottom, perfect for wet items storage. Due to the fast water absorption characters, the dry bathroom tumble can keep the washbasin and toothbrushes dry and resist harmful bacteria to protect your health. It is great for storing items in bathroom, desk, vanity, nightstand and other places where you need to keep dry and tidy. The simple elegant toothbrush organizer measures 4.5” height, 2.4” out diameter and 1.7” inner diameter. The space saving design fits in tight space on the bathroom vanity, providing efficient storage room for toothbrush, toothpaste,dental floss, make up brushes, razors and so on. Mold free toothbrush holder stands firmly for its weighted materials. Easy to clean, just wash it with running water then dry naturally, it will quickly refresh itself with excellent performance.


  • Material: Diatomaceous earth, clay
  • Size: 11.5 x 6 x 6 cm


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