Ultrasonic Vibration Electric Facial Cleansing Face Washing Brush


Bristles are as soft as hands and will not damage the skin barrier. 35 x less harmful than normal spinning nylon brushes but 6 x more effectively.

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The metal area on the back has a heated massage function which promotes blood circulation and the absorption of care products. It helps open pores to achieve a deeper cleaning. In addition, heated massage facial muscles to increases collagen & elastin reduce fine lines, which makes your skin firming& glossy. Recommended for regular use. Sound waves penetrate deep into the pores to providing a full range of cleansing, 6 x more effective than a manual or spin face brush but less damage. In addition, The sonic waves activate essential enzymes, accelerate blood circulation and unblock pores to achieve the beauty effect. The upgraded silicone facial cleansing brush has 9 adjustable vibration intensity to help to eliminate 99.5 % of dirt in the pore. Switch between 9 vibration speeds and heated massage modes. Giving you a fully customisable skincare experience. After strict technical certification, Made from highly durable, more hygienic food-grade silicone.


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