Waterproof Portable Soap Dish


In order to extend the use time of soap, the best way is to dry the soap before putting it in. The inner wall of the case is smooth and there are no extra gaps, which makes the soapbox extremely easy to clean. After use, just simply rinse it.



Mini size, easy to store and carry, you can easily put in the luggage or baggage. Even a small handbag is stress-free. It won’t take up much space, perfect for travel or going out. Most soapboxes on the market do not have a lockable lid and are not suitable for carrying around. Soap dishes for the bathroom is compact with a secure latch which has two pins that fit into holes, it closes tight, preventing the soap and mesh bag from spilling out. They have good sealing and waterproofing effects. The lid of the soap travel case can be closed tightly, will not leak out, and it also effectively prevent water ingress. These soap cases are made of high-quality PP plastic material. Different from ordinary materials, soap storage box has no smell, super durable, strong, light and portable, and will not rust. Meet your different needs. It can also be used as a lovely gift for your friends and family. Share practical things with friends to make life happier. Ridges on the soapbox bottom to prevent it from sticking too tightly with your soap, help keep the soap neat & clean and prolong its lifespan.


  • Material: Plastic


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